Physioplant was born in Roncadelle, province of Brescia, in 1993 from the desire to create a truly innovative product line in the field of oral surgery. Physioplant uses the most modern informatic and micro mechanical technologies and deals with the issues related to modern implant dentistry.

To its credit, in addition to the revolutionary implant-prothesic resilient connection, there is also a systematic guided surgery among the most accurate in the world.

Physioplant is a totally innovative Implant System which contains a sophisticated technology and operational simplicity. The system was designed by a dentists team, dental technicians and micro mechanical designers which solved the rigidity implant-prosthesis problems

(See our Family Brochure).

Physioplant has been tested in laboratory and in vivo for 15 years. It has passed through modifications and improvements in order to become the current revolutionary and complete implant system. 

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